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How to become an investor with CopyFX?

Several actions are required:

To start working with our investment platform, you have to complete the registration procedure and make you first deposit. After that, you can access all opportunities the platform has to offer: use your own trading strategies to attract subscribers or choose some other Traders to copy strategies from. Extended functionality of subscription settings allows you to benefit from both of these opportunities, no matter which one you prefer.

Top of CopyFX Traders*

SkyTradeZ - SkyTradeZ11,488.39 USD-34.93%17Invest
STSAG - EQUILIBRIUM5,615.09 USD-21.69%242Invest
Tmr183,030.29 USD-49.74%42Invest
Synergy2,906.47 USD-7.00%54Invest
AndrewFX - Trady Trader2,792.12 USD-54.56%123Invest

* — data as of 24.07.2018.

Three steps to start investing:



    Complete a registration procedure of Members Area and investment account. To start copying transactions, you will need an Investor account, to attract subscribers – a Trader one.


    Choose the investment amount

    The amount of money you want to invest can be deposited using one of 20 available payment systems. The minimum investment is 100 USD.


    Start working

    The platform allows you to copy transactions or offer your strategies to others to copy them. All you have to do is to choose how you want to invest your funds.

Security of your funds

RoboMarkets follows the EU-legislation and meets actual requirements to secure your trading with us.
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