Investment Savings Account (ISK)

Trade US stocks and ETFs*with RoboMarkets ISK

  • 3,000+


    Stocks and ETFs listed on the US market

  • From 0.009 USD

    commission per share

    Minimum commission from 0.5 USD

  • USD


    No currency exchange fees

* - Special conditions apply

RoboMarkets ISK

RoboMarkets Investment Savings Account (ISK) is a special type of account for clients from Sweden for trading listed US stocks and ETFs within a favourable capital tax scheme.

There are more than 3,000 instruments to trade, including the stocks of major US companies like Tesla, Apple and Google. We offer trading on ISK on the R StocksTrader platform: web version, iOS app and Android app.

Account currencies:USD
Available instruments:over 3,000 US Stocks and ETFs
Minimum deposit:500 USD
Commission:0.009 USD per share (deposit from 10,000 USD)
0.025 USD per share (smaller deposits)
Minimum commission:0.5 USD  (deposit from 10,000 USD)
2 USD  (smaller deposits)
Platform:R StocksTrader – Web platform, iOS app, Android app

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How to start trading on ISK

  • account

    Open an ISK account at RoboMarkets and verify your address and identity.

  • deposit

    Deposit a minimum of 500 USD into your account.

  • stock

    Open your first position on the R StocksTrader platform via a web browser or mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the commission for trading on RoboMarkets ISK?

    When total deposits to the investment savings account exceed 10,000 USD, the minimum commission is 0.5 USD, and the commission per share is 0.009 USD.

    For total deposits below 10,000 USD, the minimum commission is 2 USD, and the commission per share is 0.025 USD.

    Example calculation (deposits over 10,000 USD):

    Buy 50 AAPL.nq at the price of 150 USD per share

    The commission is calculated as follows: 50 x 0.009 USD = 0.45 USD

    As the calculated commission is lower than the minimum commission, 0.5 USD applies

    Buy 1,000 NIO.ny at the price of 10 USD per share

    The commission is calculated as follows: 1,000 x 0.009 USD = 9 USD

  • Is a fee charged for the opening of an ISK with RoboMarkets?

    No, there are no account fees for ISK.

  • What instruments are available for trading on RoboMarkets ISK?

    3,000+ US Stocks and ETFs are listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq. The instruments are named with .ny or .nq on the trading platform. To be able to trade ETFs on ISK, you have to be classified as a professional client – view more info here.

  • Is it possible to take short positions on RoboMarkets ISK?

    No, but opening a standard account will enable you to take short positions on US stocks and ETFs via CFDs. Read more

  • Can you trade with leverage on RoboMarkets ISK?

    No, but opening a standard account will enable you to trade US stocks and ETFs with leverage via CFDs. Read more

  • How do I declare my taxes for RoboMarkets ISK to the Swedish Tax Agency?

    You don't have to manually declare your profits and losses in the tax statement because ISK is flat-taxed. Instead, your capital base for taxation will be pre-printed in your tax statement. The tax for ISK 2023 is 0,88% of your account value.

    RoboMarkets annually reports to the Swedish Tax Agency on the capital base for ISK. In the tax statement, the capital base is then included as a capital income from which you can make interest deductions, etc.

  • How are my deposited funds protected at RoboMarkets?

    Funds deposited into an investeringssparkonto with RoboMarkets are held in segregated client fund accounts in accordance with current EU legislation, and the account is covered by investor protection under the Cyprus Investors Compensation Fund.

To learn more, view Information on Investeringssparkonto or contact us.

Security of your funds

RoboMarkets follows the EU-legislation and meets actual requirements to secure your trading with us.