Economic Calendar

What is an Economic calendar?

The Economic calendar is a convenient forex tool that helps traders to efficiently analyze the market situation and make efficient decisions based on the information they get. The Financial calendar shows important data on upcoming events in the global economy.

The Economic news calendar from RoboMarkets includes key events and highlights of the financial world: up-to-date reports provided by companies, the latest unemployment and inflation readings, prices indices and financial indicators, dates and times of speeches and reports delivered by representatives of global regulators, and other useful information that may help traders when they trade on forex.

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How to use the Economic calendar?

The Economic calendar is very essential for operations on Forex, because it’s a key tool for fundamental analysis. In this section, you will know how to read the Economic calendar and how to use it in the expanded mode.

How to read the Economic calendar to make your trading operation more efficient:

  1. Getting started with the Financial calendar, choose the time zone of your location. Thanks to this feature, the times when news and reports are published will be displayed in accordance with your local time.
  2. Specify the time span for the reports you want to receive: the RoboMarkets Financial calendar offers you the news for the current week or the next one.
  3. If you want to be informed about some particular country or a list of countries, try “Extended filters”. Here, you can choose the country to receive the news from and more precise time interval.
  4. To learn more details about any event displayed in the Economic calendar, click the icon located on the right of the event name. The appeared passage will provide you with more detailed information
  5. Our specialists are striving to make your operations on Forex as efficient and comfortable as possible, that’s why access to all information materials in the RoboMarkets Financial calendar is simple and convenient.

Why does one need the News calendar?

The Financial calendar helps traders to predict the way exchange rates may alter before they start trading on Forex. Thanks to the News calendar, traders have an opportunity to provide insight into the short-term market situation.

Forex market is influenced by a great deal of factors, including economic news. Some traders in particular prefer to trade during the periods when important news and financial statistics for some specific industries are published. In case the data from the Economic calendar is read and understood correctly, traders may understand better the movements of the markets. However, many traders are quite opposite and they prefer to refrain from trading on Forex during such periods, because these times are marked with higher volatility and changes of prices on the market are very unlikely to be predicted.

Still, any of these approaches to trading implies that market players should follow all breaking news and important economic events if they want to succeed on Forex. This is exactly how the RoboMarkets News calendar is going to help you as it contains a lot of financial data in details.