Multi-asset platform
R StocksTrader

Experience more power, more control.

R StocksTrader is a brand-new trading platform that performs as a powerful stocks trading software with multiple features. Discover advanced charting capabilities, over 3,000 instruments, building automated strategies and more.

  • Access to global markets in one single platform.
  • Minimum deposit: 100 USD.
  • More than 3,000 stocks and ETFs.

CFDs and stocks are different financial instruments. According to Section C(1) of Annex I to Directive 2014/65/EU, stocks are transferable securities, whereas CFDs are financial contracts for differences in accordance with Section C(9) of Annex I to Directive 2014/65/EU. Make sure you understand the difference and how it affects your trading.

  • Trade mutiple industries

    The R StocksTrader platform and stocks trading app offers over 3,000 stocks and ETFs to invest in.

  • Corporate actions

    Automated dividend payments and supported corporate actions (cash dividends, splits, mergers and more).

  • Level II market depth and time & sales data

    Research and analyse market conditions to the last detail.

  • Algorithmic strategy builder

    Put your investment ideas into action. Create free automated investment strategies with easy-to-use tools.

Trading Conditions

On this page you can find detailed conditions for trading stocks and ETFs in R StocksTrader platform. To view specifications for trading CFDs in MetaTrader 4/5 platforms, click here.

  • Leverage
  • Commission
  • Commission-free*
  • Minimum Commission
  • Minimum Order Volume
  • Maximum Order Volume
  • Financing Fee (leverage more than 1:1)
  • Financing Fee (leverage 1:1)
  • Spreads
  • Trading Time (execution)
  • Trading Time (requests)
  • Stop Out
  • Corporate Actions (mandatory)
  • Corporate Actions (voluntary)
  • Number of Trading Instruments
  • Swap Free (only 1:1 leverage)
  • US Stocks and ETFs
    (Deposit from 10,000 USD)

    • Leverage
      1:1Up to 1:20 (or by request)
    • Commission0.009 USD per share
    • Commission-free*
    • Minimum Commission0.5 USD
    • Minimum Order Volume1 share
    • Maximum Order Volume4,999 shares
    • Financing Fee (leverage more than 1:1)
       - 7%
    • Financing Fee (leverage 1:1)
    • Spreads
       From 0.01 USD
    • Trading Time (execution)13:30 - 20:00 (UTC)
    • Trading Time (requests)24/7
    • Stop Out
    • Corporate Actions (mandatory)Applied
    • Corporate Actions (voluntary)Applied
    • Number of Trading InstrumentsMore than 3,000
    • Swap Free (only 1:1 leverage)
  • US Stocks and ETFs

    • Leverage
    • Commission0.025 USD per share
    • Commission-free*
    • Minimum Commision2 USD
    • Minimum Order Volume1 share
    • Maximum Order Volume4,999 shares
    • Financing Fee (leverage more than 1:1)
       - 7%
    • Financing Fee (leverage 1:1)
    • Spreads
       From 0.01 USD
    • Trading Time (execution)13:30 - 20:00 (UTC)
    • Trading Time (requests)24/7
    • Stop Out
    • Corporate Actions (mandatory)Applied
    • Corporate Actions (voluntary)Applied
    • Number of Trading InstrumentsMore than 3,000
    • Swap Free (only 1:1 leverage)

* - Other fees and terms apply.

Choose your position accounting model

Netting and hedging accounts for efficient trading.

  • Netting

    The netting model allows you to open only one position in a trading instrument. Any attempt to open another order in the same instrument will result in the closure of both transactions, change in the volume of the existing position, or reverse of the existing position in the opposite direction.

  • Hedging

    The hedging model allows you to open several positions on the same instrument in different directions, when there is sufficient margin for opening and maintaining them.

You can choose from the netting and hedging position accounting models when opening a new account on R StocksTrader platform.

Pursue your investing goals with R StocksTrader

R StocksTrader is capable of providing its investors with a variety of features to suit every trader’s needs. From multiple windows, unique watchlists, and a limitless amount of viewing methods suited to every trader. Access R StocksTrader platform or app from anywhere to enjoy the fastest financial charts in the industry and advanced technical analysis tools.

In R StocksTrader software, you will find all necessary tools to suit your trading needs alongside competitive trading conditions that will help you to exploit the full potential of the platform.

Personal customisation

  • Watchlists

    R StocksTrader platform and app feature custom and system watchlists. Users can edit custom watchlists by adding/removing instruments. System watchlists like Top losers, Top gainers, Volume leaders are updated by the system in real-time. The perfect tool to help you make faster, informed decisions to manage and track your investments.

  • Trading from chart

    Active Orders and Deals are instantly synchronized with charts. Editing Stop and Limit orders has never been so easy and native, with the use of drag-and-drop or touch screen devices.

  • One-click trading

    With "One-click trading", users can safely enter a position fast with predefined volume saved for each instrument individually. Simplify your trading process and significantly reduce the time of your trading operation cycle with stocks trading software R StocksTrader.

Free automated strategy builder

Introducing the embedded unique Strategy Builder: a tool within R StocksTrader that can help you build, run, and test countless strategies. Creating Automated Strategies while reducing manual trading time thanks to uncomplicated features and functionality. With no knowledge of programming or coding required, it aims to help traders build their trading algorithm with minimal programming requirements.

  • Free, easy and secure

    R StocksTrader is a free trading software. Trade on demo and live R StocksTrader accounts of your choice without incurring any costs. Enjoy peace of mind with our high-security cloud platform where all your strategies are stored in your personal account.

  • Work with pre-designed template strategies

    Browse R StocksTrader’s pre-designed template trading strategies to quickly understand how automated strategies are designed. Edit, optimize, and run them to perfection in our Strategy Builder.

  • Backtest your strategy

    R StocksTrader maintains the deepest historical data, which goes back to 1970, that is available for backtesting your long-term strategy. Creating a faster and more accurate testing methodology based on chart bars.

  • Dedicated support

    Whatever your concern, our friendly support team is always ready to help you. Available via live chat, email, or phone.

Investment advice customised to your needs

RoboMarkets provides* a free-of-charge "RoboAdvising" service: an automatically selected stocks portfolio based on your investment profile, your financial situation, and your attitude towards risks.

  • Free

    No hidden fees or minimum deposit requirements.

  • Automated

    Based on the investment profile you help establish.

  • Reliable

    Includes only the highly-liquid instruments.

* - The "RoboAdvising" service is only available to Professional clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How to open an account on the R StocksTrader platform?

  • How can I log in to the trading platform?

  • Why should I trade the R StocksTrader platform?

  • What is a financing fee (interest)?

    At the end of each trading day, your open trading positions may be subject to a charge called "Financing fee". The Financing fee value, on which interest is based, may change from time to time with no prior notice.

    • Financing fee = price х volume х financing fee % /100/360
    • Twitter, 100 shares, buy, financing fee = 25 х 100 х -7% /100 /360 = -0.49 USD

    Please note that on the night of Friday to Saturday, the Financing fee is tripled for Stocks, FX, Indices.

  • How to trade stocks on R StocksTrader?

  • Definitions used on the R StocksTrader stocks trading platform

    Order Type - Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Stop Out.
    Order Status - Active, in execution (filling), filled, cancelled, rejected.
    Declared Order Price – the order price before the order is triggered for execution.
    Filled Order price – the order price after the order has been filled.
    Last price – the price of the last executed transaction on the execution venue. Stock instruments indicate the last price on the financial chart.
    Deal – the result of an executed order. Any filled order opens or closes a deal.
    Deal status – open, closing, closed, trade.

  • Which corporate actions are available on the platform when trading stocks?

    Long Positions
    A client holding a long position on the ex-dividend date will receive the applicable dividend in the form of a cash adjustment that is credited to the relevant trading account. The transaction can be found in the History Tab on the client’s trading platform - "Cash Corrections".

    Short Positon
    A client holding a short position on the ex-dividend date will be charged the applicable dividend in the form of a cash adjustment that is debited from the relevant trading accounts free equity. The transaction can be found in the History Tab on the client’s trading platform - "Cash Corrections".

    Dividends procedure
    Cash dividend transactions debit/credit account balance on ex-dividend day at 15:00 server time. The transaction can be found in the History tab.

    In case of a Long position, the Cash Dividend amount is:

    Dividend per stock * Volume

    Volume = Contracts * Contract size

    In case of a Short Position, the Cash Dividend amount is:

    (-1) * Dividend per stock * Volume

    Volume = Contracts * Contract size

    Stock splits
    In the event of a stock split, the appropriate adjustment on the client’s position shall be reflected on the trading account in accordance with the announced stock split.

    Split procedure
    The Splits procedure runs on the server every day at 15:00 server time. During the procedure all active pending orders (Limit, Stop) for related stock are removed.

    Weighted average price and sum volume are calculated separately for all open deals in short and all open deals in long positions of an instrument. They are assigned as new open price and new volume for the deal, with maximum volume for long and short deals accordingly. In case a deal receives fractional shares, such shares will be liquidated for cash transaction – "Split cash correction". The volume of other deals for related instrument will be reset to 0 and moved to the History tab.

    Fractional stock adjustment
    In the event a corporate action results in a fractional position, RoboMarkets reserves the right at its own discretion to credit the outstanding fractional component as a cash adjustment, to be credited to the client’s trading account.

    Other Corporate Actions
    In the event of a stock being de-listed, merged, acquisitioned, tendered, spinned-off, the client’s position will be closed at the last market price traded.

    RoboMarkets bears no responsibility for notifying the client regarding announcements of corporate actions.

  • Is it possible to transfer positions in stocks opened with a third-party broker?

    The procedure of transferring positions in stocks traded on US markets is not standard and depends on conditions of parties. If you want to transfer positions that were opened with some other broker, you have to:

    1. Send a ticket from the “R StocksTrader” section of your Members Area, by specifying the full name of the clearing house where your stocks are kept.
    2. Attach a copy of the account statement where your positions were opened.
    3. Provide a legally relevant document confirming that the positions you want to transfer bear no burden.

    All above-mentioned documents can be requested from the broker where you are holding open positions.

    The procedure can only be performed if the total value of the stock portfolio to be transferred is more than 10,000 USD. RoboMarkets charges no fees for the stock transfer, but the procedure itself may require some particular expenses. These depend on conditions of clearing houses and other participants in the process. The final cost of the transfer that includes all expenses may be defined only before the start of the procedure.

  • What are fractional shares and their trading rules?

    The Company offers investments in fractional shares. Fractional shares allow you to purchase proprietary rights on stocks based on the number of funds you are prepared to invest in a specific Issuer. The Company records the number of fractional shares down to two decimal places.

    A fractional share is a proprietary right to a percentage of equity in the Issuer, but this is not a whole share.

    In general, the same rules and principles apply to a fractional share and a whole share. Please find details below.

    Fractional vs whole share: a comparative analysis

    Fractional shareWhole share
    DividendsFollowing a corporate event, dividends or interest are paid proportionally to the percentage represented by the proprietary right held by the client in the share. This means that the client investing in fractional shares has the same financial benefits as the owner of whole shares but on a proportionate basis.Dividends or interest, following a corporate event, are paid per share.
    Corporate ActionsCorporate actions (e.g. splits, rights issues) are treated same way either for whole or fractional shares.
    CustodyWe hold shares on custodian, both fractional and whole, in full compliance with the requirement of the MiFID II.
    PriceThere is no difference in price or costs of buying a fractional or a whole share.
    Client protectionWe apply the same rules for the testing of clients' appropriateness, best execution, protection of assets, and handling complaints – treating all clients in the same way, regardless if they invest in fractional or whole shares.
    Voting RightsClients will have voting right only on the whole shares held in their account, not on fractional shares. For example, if the client has bought 1,000.5 shares, the voting right will only be provided on 1,000 shares.
    Transfer of sharesIn case the client claims for transfer of stocks held on account, only whole shares will be transferred. Fractional shareholdings will need to be liquidated before the transfer.
    DecimalsThe amounts of fractional shares have a 0.01 discretion.

    Fractional shares carry the same exposure to risks as whole shares, such as market and Issuer risks.