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Experience a powerful live charting platform and competitive conditions for your trading

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RoboMarkets has partnered with TradingView to offer traders advanced tools and top-tier trading conditions

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Gain real-time insights from the trading community to enhance your investment decisions.

Enjoy a free trial period to explore the platform’s capabilities.

How to connect a RoboMarkets account to TradingView

Once connected, locate the order entry panel on the navigation bar and initiate trading directly on the TradingView platform.

  • Open an Account

    Open a RoboMarkets account and create or log in to a free user account at

  • Go to TradingView

    Visit the RoboMarkets broker profile and click the "Trade" button, or find the broker icon on the chart's trading panel.

  • Connect the accounts

    On the login panel that appears, click “Connect” and input your account information.

Connect your account to TradingView

Trade stocks commission-free* with TradingView

Enjoy free stock charts, stock quotes and trading ideas, along with commission-free trading.
Exclusively available on an R StocksTrader account!

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* - Other fees and terms apply.

Do you already have an R StocksTrader account? Connect it with TradingView today and start trading commission-free!

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  • 2023

    Best Mobile Trading Platform (Europe)

    Professional Trader Awards

  • 2023

    Best Stocks Broker (Europe)

    Global Forex Awards - B2B

  • 2023

    Safest European Broker

    London Trader Show Awards

Security of client funds

The Company follows the EU-legislation and meets actual requirements to secure your trading with us.


  1. Get a RoboMarkets account. If you don't have an account with RoboMarkets yet, sign up in a few simple steps.
  2. Head to the TradingView platform! After completing your RoboMarkets account registration and obtaining your credentials, navigate to TradingView's live chart area.
  3. Sign in to your RoboMarkets account. You will then see an authorisation popup. "Allow" authorisation to finalise the connection. You can now trade on TradingView using your RoboMarkets account.

Trade on TradingView with the R StocksTrader demo account from RoboMarkets. To do this, seamlessly connect to RoboMarkets in the TradingView panel and then select the R StocksTrader demo account from the list of accounts.

If you haven’t registered an account yet, you can easily open one through your RoboMarkets Members Area.

Once logged into your R StocksTrader account, default settings provide it with $10,000 in virtual funds for immediate use, enabling traders to simulate trading conditions before venturing into real investments.

Link your RoboMarkets account to TradingView to trade stocks with confidence, benefitting from competitive terms. Explore a range of over 3,000 instruments and invest in shares of leading companies such as Apple, Netflix, and Amazon – all while harnessing the power of the most advanced analysis tools available!

Engage with live charts, track the instruments of your choice, find trading insights and trends, interact with fellow traders, and seamlessly execute orders directly on the TradingView platform.