Effective Way to Test Your Strategies

Demo account trading is a great opportunity to test new strategies or EAs in real market conditions using virtual money and without risking your real funds. RoboMarkets demo account trading parameters are fully identical to those of real live accounts while opening and using a demo account is completely free. You can open a stock, metal, CFD, or forex demo account, test your strategy, and decide whether to use it on a real one.

RoboMarkets offers various demo account types, such as Demo Pro, Demo, and Demo R Trader, which can be used in MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and R Trader. The assets available on demo accounts are also the same as on real ones: forex, stocks, indices, ETFs, soft commodities, energies, and metals. You can open any number of demo accounts, although all demo accounts expire in 90 days.


    Free of Charge

    You have the opportunity to open and use multiple demo accounts completely free.


    Handy Tool

    Use demo accounts to test your robots and EAs.


    Across All Platforms

    While trying demo accounts trading, you can learn how to use all RoboMarkets platforms.

Choose Trading Instruments

On demo accounts, you can trade various asset types.

  • Forex

    RoboMarkets offers reliable and transparent access to trading more than 40 currency pairs on a forex demo account. Try demo forex trading in real market conditions.

  • Stocks

    Investments in real US stocks and CFDs on stocks through one of the most reliable trading platforms in the industry.

  • Indices

    An index is often perceived as a stock portfolio, which represents some market or a market sector.

  • Soft Commodities

    Try trading ETFs on soft commodities such as cocoa, corn, coffee, soybean, sugar, fruit, or wheat.

  • Energies

    Try trading CFDs and ETFs on energy commodities such as natural gas, oil, heating oil, and ethanol.

  • Metalls

    Try trading CFDs and ETFs on precious metals including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, as well as XAU/USD and XAG/USD pairs.

  • ETFs

    Join the ETF trading, where assets worth more than 3 trillion USD are managed.


State-of-the-Art Platforms

Using a demo account, you can trade through the most popular and advanced platforms in the market without risking your money. Try demo forex trading through MT4, MT5, or R Trader, or use a trading app to start demo account trading on your smartphone.

 Clients Choice

Security of your funds

RoboMarkets follows the EU-legislation and meets actual requirements to secure your trading with us.