Exceptional conditions for trading Indices

Invest in Indices on exclusive conditions at RoboMarkets until December 31st.


    Tight spread
    without mark-up

    Trade with tight spreads without mark-up on ECN-Pro and Prime accounts.


    Minimum deposit
    is 100 USD

    To start trading, you have to have as little as 100 USD in your trading account.


    execution speed

    Order execution from 0.1 second.


    More than 10 trading instruments

    RoboMarkets clients have an opportunity to trade more than 10 popular instruments.

What is Indices Trading?

Indices are trading instruments, which show changes in performance of a particular group of shares. Indices consist of several shares and are calculated based on the cost of these shares or the capitalization of the issuers. The set of shares, based on which the index is calculated, shows what exact information can be received when analyzing this index.

Using indices in trading will allow you not only to diversify your investment portfolio, but also to efficiently collect and analyze data relating to the global state of the economy or one of its sectors.

Highly-liquid trading instruments

Derivatives on indices are highly-liquid, which indicates current market situation. Well-known Dow Jones index combines 30 of the largest American companies and reflects the global economic climate in the USA.

  • 542.5 MSPX
  • 154.1 MNASDAQ
  • 79.1 MTSX
  • 78.8 MDow Jones
Risk Warning: the results of previous trading operations do not guarantee the same results in the future.

Wide Range of Trading Solutions

The most popular trading platforms in the industry

Professional trading platforms allow our clients to trade using different devices and gadgets on trading accounts with the competitive conditions. Trade with high order execution and low spreads.

All types of trading platforms
 Clients' Choice

Available on the following account types

The Company offers several types of trading accounts based on MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and R Trader platforms for trading indexes, and you can choose the one that is the most suitable for you.

All types of accounts
  • First deposit
  • Execution type
  • Spreads
  • Platforms
  • Pro-Standard

    The most popular account type at RoboMarkets. It is suitable for traders with different experience on the currency market.

    • 100 USD / 100 EUR / 100 GBP
    • Market Execution
    • Floating from 1.3 points
    • MT4, MT5, WebTrader
    Clients Choice
  • ECN-Pro

    "ECN-Pro" account type is intended for professional traders, who prefer best possible trading conditions with lowest spreads.

    • 100 USD / 100 EUR / 100 GBP
    • Market Execution
    • Floating from 0 points
    • MT4, MT5, WebTrader
    Professional's Choice
  • Prime

    "Prime" account type is best for experienced traders and includes best features of “ECN” accounts.

    • 5,000 USD
    • Market Execution
    • Floating from 1.3 points
    • MT4, WebTrader
    Premium conditions
  • R Trader

    R Trader is a new generation platform, which combines classic design, easiness-to-use, advanced technologies, and access to largest global financial markets.

    • 100 USD
    • Market Execution
    • Floating from 0.1 points
    • R Trader - Web Platform
    Next Generation

Are you interested in trading Stocks?

In R Trader terminal, you have an opportunity to invest in more than 3,000 real stocks of American companies and more than 8,400 CFDs on US stocks.

  US Stocks Pro US Stocks US Stocks CFD
Deposit from Deposit from10,000 USD Deposit from100 USD Deposit from100 USD
Leverage LeverageUp to 1:20 (or by request) Leverage1:2 LeverageUp to 1:5
Commission Commission0.0045 USD per share Commission0.02 USD per share Commission0.015 USD per share
Minimum commission Minimum commission0.25 USD Minimum commission1.5 USD Minimum commission1.5 USD
Minimum Order Volume Minimum Order Volume1 share Minimum Order Volume1 share Minimum Order Volume1 share
Maximum Order Volume Maximum Order Volume10,000 shares Maximum Order Volume10,000 shares Maximum Order Volume2,000 shares
Financing fee (leverage more than 1:1) Financing fee (leverage more than 1:1)- 7% Financing fee (leverage more than 1:1)- 7% Financing fee (leverage more than 1:1)- 7%
Financing fee (leverage 1:1) Financing fee (leverage 1:1)0% Financing fee (leverage 1:1)0% Financing fee (leverage 1:1)0%
Spreads Spreadsfrom 0.01 USD Spreadsfrom 0.01 USD Spreadsfrom 0.01 USD
Trading Time (execution) Trading Time (execution)13:30 - 20:00 (UTC) Trading Time (execution)13:30 - 20:00 (UTC) Trading Time (execution)13:30 - 20:00 (UTC)
Trading Time (requests) Trading Time (requests)24/7 Trading Time (requests)24/7 Trading Time (requests)24/7
Stop Out Stop Out50% Stop Out50% Stop Out50%
Corporate actions (mandatory) Corporate actions (mandatory)
 Corporate actions (mandatory)
 Corporate actions (mandatory)
Corporate actions (voluntary) Corporate actions (voluntary)
 Corporate actions (voluntary)
 Corporate actions (voluntary)
Number of trading instruments Number of trading instrumentsMore than 3,000 Number of trading instrumentsMore than 3,000 Number of trading instrumentsMore than 8,400
Swap Free (Only 1:1 Leverage) Swap Free (Only 1:1 Leverage)
 Swap Free (Only 1:1 Leverage)
 Swap Free (Only 1:1 Leverage)

Security of your funds

RoboMarkets follows the EU-legislation and meets actual requirements to secure your trading with us.

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