Forex Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is a way of looking at the market by analyzing economic and political forces, social, and other external events, and factors that may affect currency prices right now and might happen in the future. Financial and economic statistics, information about the economic course of the government, meetings and the interest rates of Central banks, possible political events in the country, as well as all kinds of expectations and rumours are the most important things in fundamental analysis.

All these events shape supply and demand that determine prices, or in our case, the currency exchange rate. Fundamental analysis can show you how and why some events like an increase in the unemployment rate affect the economy and monetary policy of the country, which ultimately affect the level of demand for its currency.

The main idea behind fundamental analysis is that if a country’s economic outlook is favourable, its currency should strengthen.

The fundamental approach allows analyzing both short- and long-term perspectives.


The USD rose pretty much. Overview for 17.09.2021

EURUSD dropped on Thursday in response to American statistics; investors like the “greenback” again.

The Aussie is slowly retreating. Overview for 16.09.2021

AUDUSD remains under slight pressure and continues falling.

The “greenback” remains neutral. Overview for 16.09.2021

EURUSD is “hovering”; the major currency pair is barely moving.

EURUSD is looking neutral. Overview for 15.09.2021

EURUSD keeps saving strengths while expecting the news.

The Pound is growing despite inflation. Overview for 15.09.2021

GBPUSD is gaining weight; no one is concerned about inflation.

The Pound is rising higher. Overview for 14.09.2021

The British Pound is rising on Tuesday afternoon after the United Kingdom reported on the employment.

EURUSD reached stability. Overview for 14.09.2021

EURUSD found support and is consolidating while waiting for news.

The “greenback” strengthened significantly. Overview for 13.09.2021

EURUSD is falling; market players like the USD again.