Fibonacci Retracements Analysis

Fibonacci retracements are actively used by traders, when they study how impulses are formed and try to find levels of possible trend corrections. As a result, they may have some additional information on possible direction of the currency market movement in the future.


Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 20.08.2019 (EURUSD, USDJPY)

EURUSD is moving downwards to break the low at 1.1027, while USDJPY is forming a correction.

Fibonacci Retracement Analysis 19.08.2019 (GOLD, USDCHF)

Gold is forming a reversal pattern around the long-term level of 61.8%. USDCHF has gone upwards correcting upon the renewal of the minimum.

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 16.08.2019 (BITCOIN, ETHEREUM)

After failing to grow, Bitcoin has formed another descending structure and reached 61.8% fibo, while Ethereum is getting closer to 76.0% fibo.

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 15.08.2019 (AUDUSD, USDCAD)

AUDUSD continues forming Flag pattern, while USDCAD is still trading sideways.

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 14.08.2019 (GBPUSD, EURJPY)

GBPUSD continues forming the long-term descending tendency, but the convergence may indicate a new pullback; EURJPY is forming highly volatile correctional impulses while testing the low

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 13.08.2019 (EURUSD, USDJPY)

EURUSD is forming Flat pattern before starting anew growth; USDJPY is moving towards the low, but this decline is slowing down.

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 12.08.2019 (GOLD, USDCHF)

After reaching the significant resistance area, XAUUSD may get cheaper in the short-term, while USDCHF is “recharging” before “attacking” the low.

Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 09.08.2019 (BITCOIN, ETHEREUM)

Bitcoin is moving to reach the high, but doesn’t seem to be strong enough; Ethereum is still trading sideways.