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27.03.2018 / 10:00

Dear Clients and Partners,

We’re pleased to inform you about several updates of the R Trader terminal functionality. Among other things, we’ve improved a search box of trading instruments, boosted the terminal performance, and added new opportunities for creating trading robots in the strategy builder.

1. Time indicator
From now on, when creating a trading strategy, you have an opportunity to set time limits in the strategy parameters. For example, you can create a strategy, which will activate orders during the first hour after the US stock market opening. This rule may be applied both separately and in combination with other conditions specified in the strategy builder.

2. Opening in the next bar
This feature will be useful for creating algorithms based on candlestick patterns. By activating "Trading on the next bar" feature in the running strategy, you will disable calculation of signals on every tick inside the bar.

3. Average spread when testing
You have an opportunity to specify the average spread value when testing your strategy using historic data and, thanks to this, get more accurate results.

4. New templates
A set of standard templates have been expanded: we’ve added several new interesting templates for creation of trading robots using the strategy builder.

In addition to that, we’ve expanded and updated "Umstel Helpdesk" section, where you can find answers to your questions about the builder.

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RoboMarkets team