How do I open a position in the terminal?

There are several ways to open a new position in the terminal:

1. With the help of the instrument list:

  • Right-click on the instrument that you have decided to trade.
  • Choose "New order" from the menu.
  • Set order parameters (type, volume, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels).
  • Choose the position type: long (Buy) or short (Sell) and click the corresponding button.

2. Using "One-Click Trading":

  • Add "One-Click Trading" widget by right-clicking on the chart and choose the corresponding menu item.
  • Specify order volume and direction (Sell or Buy).

3. Using the terminal’s main menu:

  • Choose "New order" from the "Tools" menu, or click "New order" in the panel below the main menu.
  • Choose the required trading instrument, and follow the instructions from point 1 of this list.