Forex market for beginner traders

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Trading on the Forex market implies buying and selling different currencies. Traders perform transactions with the purpose to buy a currency as cheap as possible and sell it later as expensive as possible to make profit. After taking a short course in trading, you will learn how to trade on the Forex market.

  1. Registering Members Area and opening trading account.
  2. Downloading and installing MetaTrader4 trading platform.
  3. Training how to trade.
  4. Depositing your trading account.
  5. Trading on Forex market: how to open positions.

Step 1.

Registering Members Area and opening trading account

If you want to trade on the Forex market with RoboMarkets, you have to register Members Area and open a trading account in the first place. A good choice for beginner traders is a Demo-Pro account or a real MT4 Pro-Cent one.

Trading on a demo account, which is intended for beginner traders, you will have an excellent opportunity to learn basics of the Forex market using virtual money only. A cent account is very convenient, because when you deposit 100 USD you get 100,000 units of the currency for trading. This is why cent accounts are a perfect choice for testing new trading strategies and Expert Advisors.


After opening a trading account at RoboMarkets, you will receive its number and password to the e-mail address specified during the registration procedure. Enter them in the settings of your trading platform and start trading.

Step 2.

Downloading and installing MetaTrader4 trading platform

MetaTrader 4 terminal is currently ranked among the most popular platforms for trading. Before starting to trade, download the platform setup file from "Download center" section of RoboMarkets website and install it on your PC. It won’t take much time and then you can start trading on the Forex market.

Step 3.


For successful trading, you have to be skilled and have a wide range of knowledge. RoboMarkets offers to beginner traders a lot of video tutorials on basics of the Forex market along with market analytics and extensive training in trading.

Step 4.

Depositing funds to your trading account

When you feel that you are ready to start trading with real money, you have to deposit funds to your trading account. Funds can be deposited to trading accounts using any payment system available in "Funds management" section of your Members Area.

Step 5.

Trading on the Forex market: how to open positions

As soon as the funds are deposited to your account, you’ll see them on your account balance in a trading platform.

To make a transaction in MetaTrader4 platform, you need to right-click on the chart of the chosen currency pair and choose "New Order" from "Trade" window.

To create a new order, you have to specify the volume (it’s better to start with a minimum lot, 0.01) and then decide whether you want to Sell or Buy the chosen instrument.

After all these actions are performed, your position will be open meaning that you’ve started trading on the Forex market on your own.

If you still have any questions even after taking our short training course, feel free to ask our Live Support staff in any way convenient for you: online chat on the website or free phone call to the Company’s phone numbers.