Season opening
Bronze on "Greece Offroad"

The season 2019 started with the appearance of Roman Starikovich and Bert Heskes on the rally-raid "Greece Offroad" in West Macedonia. "Autolife" overcame all difficulties of Greek roads and crossed the finishing line third.

New chapter of the Autolife history

This year will be critical in the "Autolife" history and the life of pilots. They started the year on board a new automobile Toyota Hilux Overdrive, which they called The "Mighty Bumblebeast". The crew is preparing for a series of international races and the rally "Dakar-2020".

We are proud to have our logo on the side of The "Mighty Bumblebeast", breaking new records, and we will keep supporting "Autoloife" on its way to new victories.

RoboMarkets is a sponsor of moving forward

Just like RoboMarkets team, Autolife is not afraid of setting challenging targets and pursuing them no matter what. Apart from "Dakar", racers are planning to participate in "Silk Way Rally", "Africa Eco Race", "Abu Dhabi desert Challenge", as well compete in Kazakhstan, Greece, Spain, and Cyprus.

RoboMarkets steers a steady course towards unconquered peaks and we’re always ready to support those, who are as persistent in pursuing their cherished goals as we are.