How to become a RAMM investor

and is this platform different from the others? 

RAMM has two distinctive features that make it different from similar platforms: higher risk management and proportional allocation of profit. The first feature provides the highest possible level of risk management accuracy no alternative platforms can offer. The second one protects your investments from dishonest Traders and unprofitable strategies.

Top 5 Traders

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Start investing with RAMM:



    Complete a simple registration procedure of Members Area and RAMM investment account. You will need just one account for working with the platform.


    Choose the investment amount

    The amount of money you are ready to invest can be deposited to your account using one of 20 available payment systems. The minimum investment is 100 USD.


    Proceed to working

    Create strategies to attract subscribers or choose any Trader from the Rating to copy transactions from them. Manage your investments directly from your Members Area.

Comparison of RAMM and signals copying services

Copying services
Identical execution prices for both original and copied positions.
Accuracy of copying doesn’t depend on the invested amount.
Traders can’t go over weekly and daily loss limits specified by their subscribers.
Commission is paid to Traders only if their subscribers profit from copied transactions.

Security of your funds

RoboMarkets follows the EU-legislation and meets actual requirements to secure your trading with us.