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Investments on the Forex market may show you a whole new world of advanced opportunities. RoboMarkets offers its clients two investment platforms, each of them providing Investors with comfortable working environment for trading and investing:

You can trade as both a Trader and an Investor  
You can view detailed Rating, which includes Traders’ complete statistics  
You pay the Trader his/her commission only if you receive profit from copying  
Your funds stay on your account and you can cancel your subscription at any moment  
Order execution prices are the same for the Trader and his/her Investors  
You can subscribe to the Trader, whose account type is different from yours  
You can set the maximum risk level, which can’t be exceeded by the Trader  
You can trade from your RoboMarkets Members Area  

Working through our investment platforms will allow you to expand your trading opportunities and receive the most from trading on the Forex market. Join!

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