VIP clients’ privileges

Your VIP programme level depends on the total amount of funds on your trading accounts.

from 3,000 to 30,000 USD
from 30,000 to 100,000 USD
more than 100,000 USD
 Additional Cashback (Rebates)  20%  30%  40% 
 Increased % on account balance  20%  30%  40% 
 Better conditions for ordering VPS server  
 Personal VIP manager  

How to become a VIP client

You will automatically be granted the "VIP client" status as soon as you fulfill all the necessary elegibility requirements.


    Open a trading account

    To become eligible to participate in the VIP programme at RoboMarkets, you have to have an active trading account of one of the types shown in this Table.


    Become a Professional

    Only RoboMarkets Professional clients can upgrade to the VIP client status. To become a Professional client, you have to pass the relevant Qualification test.


    Fulfill the requirements for the amount of funds

    After the total amount of funds on your trading accounts reaches the required set number, you will automatically be granted the corresponding level of the VIP programme, and receive an email with the notification from RoboMarkets.

The complete the rules of the programme, with examples of calculations