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Commission-free* stock trading

  • No commission
    on stock trades

  • No financing
    (overnight) fee

  • No limit on the
    number of orders

* - Other fees and terms apply.

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R StocksTrader provides investors with a variety of features to suit their every need. Multiple windows, unique watchlists, and a limitless number of viewing methods – these are only some of the many features the platform has to offer. Access R StocksTrader from anywhere to view the fastest web-based financial charts in the industry, and use advanced technical analysis tools.

  • Is completely web-based

  • Has an adaptive mobile version

  • Supports corporate actions

  • Features the best trading tools

  • Offers a free strategy builder

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How to trade stocks with 0% commission*

  • Open an R StocksTrader account

    Select the "Commission-free" option in the leverage field.

  • Deposit at least 100 USD

    Use one of the twenty available payment systems.

  • Start investing in Stocks

    Choose among 1,000 stocks of the largest US companies.

* - Other fees and terms apply.

Invest in Stocks


Stock commission or a stock trading fee is a payment an investor makes when buying or selling stocks (or other financial assets) via a broker.

Stock commissions are often based on the stock's value, but companies also require a minimum commission amount for each trade.

For example, at RoboMarkets, the payable commission fee for a client to make a trade with a real stock asset (traded on NYSE or NASDAQ) is at 0.02 USD per stock, but the minimum commission amount is 1.5 USD. This means that if you only wish to acquire one stock of this type, you will pay the commission of 1.5 USD regardless of its amount per share.

Commission-free trading or trading stocks with 0% commission is a way of trading stocks without paying the brokerage commission (other fees may apply).

Some brokers offer this option for specific types of accounts where other specialised conditions are applied. Commission-free stock trading at RoboMarkets is available only on R StocksTrader accounts with 1:1 leverage.

Other differences include:

  • Only BUY orders can be placed (Market, Limit, Stop)
  • Stop Out at 0%
  • No financing fee
  • No limit on the maximum order volume
  • Available instruments: only real US stocks

To make a trade with stock without commission (for free) at RoboMarkets, you need to:

  1. Open an R StocksTrader account, and select the “1:1 (Commission-free)” option in the “Leverage” field.

    • If you already have a RoboMarkets Members Area, go to the “Open R StocksTrader account” page directly.

    • If you haven't registered for a RoboMarkets Members Area yet, you'll need to do so by completing this form. Thereafter, you will be redirected to the “Open R StocksTrader account” page.

  2. Deposit at least 100 USD into your new account by using the relevant form in your Members Area on the “Deposit Funds” page.

  3. Go to the R StocksTrader platform – – and log in with the e-mail you used to register your Members Area, and the password you created when opening your account.

  4. Select the asset you wish to trade in a search box: all real US stocks include .nq or .ny suffix in their tickers.

  5. All the BUY orders you will be placing next will be treated without commission!

* - Other fees may apply.

Yes. Trading stocks without commission at RoboMarkets is available on R StocksTrader accounts with 1:1 leverage for real US stocks only (other fees may apply).

Please note that "Commission-free" refers only to the transaction costs. Other fees still apply, such as:

Before calculating the portfolio value, please read the following definitions that are necessary for the calculations:

  • "Investments" – value of your stocks based on the last 'bid' price we have for each of the securities you own (bid price x number of shares).
  • "Available To Invest" – any free cash you have on your trading account.
  • "My Portfolio" – your "Investments" plus "Available To Invest" funds.

Example of the portfolio value calculations:

  • A client deposited $400
  • The client bought 5 shares of JO.ny at $31.92, and spent $159.6; Cash Available To Invest = $240.40
  • Next day price $33.79
  • Values of the client's Investments= 5 x $33.79 = $168.95; Cash Available To Invest = $240.40; My Portfolio = $409.35

Conditions of the offer

RoboMarkets Ltd offers “Commission-free stock trading” on the R StocksTrader platform under the following conditions:

Order types
Buy (Market, Limit, Stop)
Financing fee
US stocks (.nq and .ny)
Stop Out
Maximum order volume
No restrictions

View the full trading conditions for R StocksTrader accounts on the "R StocksTrader" page of RoboMarkets website.