Rollover of Contracts for Difference on oil

28.01.2016 / 13:48

Dear Clients and Partners!

We remind you that on January 28th 2016, Contracts for Difference on Oil Brent will be rolled over. As a result, the following actions will be performed:

  January 28th 2016

  • Trading session on Brent will be closed at 8:00 PM (server time).
  • On January 29th, the balance on the accounts, which had open Brent positions at the time specified above, will be adjusted. The value of the balance adjustment will depend on the difference between the closing price of the expired future contract and the last price of the actual contract on Brent.

Additional conditions when rolling the contracts over:

  • The above-mentioned information is valid only for positions on real accounts
  • Positions on demo accounts (including contest ones) will be closed at 8:00 PM on January 28th 2016 at the last available price of the trading session

The schedule of the oncoming rollovers of Contracts for Difference can be found on "Contract Specifications" page of our website.