RoboMarkets Wallet

RoboMarkets Wallet is a multicurrency service, which allows you to withdraw funds to different payment details, as well as distribute them between your trading accounts using internal transfer.

"RoboMarkets Wallet" service features.

  • Risk management – your funds will be protected from risks, which are related to open positions on the account.

  • Accumulation of profit - you can withdraw profit from all trading accounts to the Wallet.

  • Fast and reliable transfers - you can quickly transfer funds from the Wallet to any trading account at any moment as circumstances may require.

  • Efficiency – you are not charged with any commissions for withdrawing funds to the Wallet.

  • Safety – All funds of your Wallet are kept on segregated accounts in major banks of the United Kingdom and Europe.

How does RoboMarkets Wallet work?

Several trading accounts with different base currencies (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, GOLD) are opened within the framework of the same payment service. The funds are deposited/withdrawn in the required currency by means of payment systems available in Members Area. Using internal transfers, you can distribute your funds between trading accounts and accumulate profit received from all services of the Company: RoboMarkets, CopyFX, RAMM, and R Trader.

How to open RoboMarkets Wallet?

For all new clients, the Wallet is automatically opened when they register Members Area.

In case you already have RoboMarkets Members Area, you have to send a request on "RoboMarkets Wallet" page to activate your Wallet.