RoboMarkets Wallet

Manage your money in Members Area in a convenient way

  • Trading results management
    Accumulate your profits in the Wallet to withdraw them at a time.

  • Risk management
    Separate the funds you want to be involved in trading from those that are not intended for investments.

  • Money transfer management
    Transfer funds from your Wallet to your trading accounts instantly whenever the trading situation requires it.

RoboMarkets Wallet - what is it?

RoboMarkets Wallet is a powerful fund management tool inside a client's Members Area. It is designed to perform instant transfers between clients' accounts and serve as internal storage for any amount of clients' funds.

Thanks to the Wallet, you can instantly deposit your active trading accounts, withdraw profit or excessive funds from them, and protect your funds from the risks which bear the opened positions.

How to activate RoboMarkets Wallet?

  • Deposit funds to your Wallet via the deposit form.
  • Transfer funds to your Wallet from one of your trading accounts.