"WebMoney, or WebMoney Transfer, is the global electronic payment system owned by WM Transfer Ltd. It was founded in 1988. The number of registrations in the WebMoney system has exceeded 40 million accounts.

WebMoney Transfer Technology is based on providing all users with unique interfaces that allow them to manage their assets, which are stored in the Guarantors. For each type of wallet (currencies), there are separate Guarantors who are legal entities registered in the respective countries.

If you don't have a WebMoney Wallet yet, you can register it on the WebMoney website.

управление бюджетом

Registration country


Regulating authority


The company’s legal name

Paymaster24 Ltd

Regulation number


Please note that on the part of RoboMarkets Ltd the withdrawal request will be executed within 1 business day.

Deposit Funds

  • Currency: USD / EUR
  • Fee for deposit: 0%
  • Processing time: instant deposit
  • Deposit amount: from 10 USD  

Withdraw Funds

  • Currency: USD / EUR
  • Fee for withdrawal: 0.8%
  • Processing time: from 1 minute to 1 day  
  • Withdrawal amount: from 0,02 USD