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How to Use Moving Average for Buying Stocks?

The Moving Average has long been a popular instrument. New indicators keep being developed based on it. Using the MA with other trend instruments can increase your chances for success in trading stocks and indices in the stock market.

Long-Term Investments: How to Choose Stocks?

Any trader who has decided to quit intraday trading is facing the question: what criteria to use for selecting stocks for long-term investment, and what is worth paying attention to first and foremost? In this case, the trader should start with the simplest method: searching the internet to find the ratios, which are available to any investor who is not particularly eager to go into details.

IPO of HomeSmart Holdings: Real Estate Neo Broker

HomeSmart Holdings developed a mobile platform for all participants of real estate transactions. The company's IPO will be held on the NASDAQ. We are analysing the issuer's business and financial reports to determine how interesting the stock might be for investment.

Peloton: A Risky Investment

Peloton announced it is restructuring its business: it has a new CEO and a restructuring programme that will reduce costs. What is the company's goal? Is Peloton aiming for a new business level, or is it preparing for a more attractive takeover?

Top-5 Stocks of Biotech Companies

Amicus Therapeutics, Absci, Shattuck Labs, Deciphera Pharmaceuticals, and ImmunoGen. The shares of these companies can grow rapidly, subject to the test results and successful development of the drugs they are manufacturing. A list of the top-5 representatives of the biotech sector.