Our new top 3 includes American retailers such as Carvana, National Vision Holdings, and Five Below.

The shares of these companies are traded on the NASDAQ and NYSE, cost more than $2, and their trade volumes over the last 30 days are above 750,000 shares. Each company's market capitalisation is above $2 billion.

1. Carvana

This is the fastest-growing online dealer of used cars in the US. Its peculiarity and strong marketing feature is its multi-story, coin-operated car vending machines. In June 2021, the company joined the Fortune 500 list.

Carvana was founded in 2012. The head office is in Tempe, Arizona. In January 2022, the number of its employees reached 20,000 people.

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas is confident that the shares of Carvana will see a 25% growth by 2030. He believes that the company will diversify its business and enter the market of spare parts, maintenance, and commercial car park management.

On 25 February 2022, we heard that Carvana was buying the car auction platform ADESA for $2.2 billion. This merger marks a switch from the purely online business model to the more conventional form of selling vehicles.

The shares of Carvana Co. (NYSE: CVNA) grew 21.04% to $152.57 on the same day. However, since then, the stock quotes have dropped to $105.48.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results or future performance.

2. National Vision Holdings

The corporation is an optical retailer. It is the second-largest optical retailer, and one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, with more than 1,200 stores in 44 states.

National Vision Holdings was registered in 1990. Its head office is in Duluth, Georgia. According to the information on its website, the company employs more than 13,000 people. The corporation owns such brands as AC Lens, America's Best, Eyeglass World, Vision Centers, and Vista Optical.

On 28 February, National Vision Holdings presented its report for Q4 and the whole of 2021. Its yearly revenue increased 23.5% to $2.1 billion, net profit skyrocketed 253.2% to $128.2 million, and the EPS rose 248.9% to $1.57.

However, the strong statistics did not make the shares of the retailer record noticeable growth. On the contrary, on 28 February, the stock price of National Vision Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: EYE) dropped by 4.13% to $36.67. When this article was being prepared, the shares cost $41.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results or future performance.

3. Five Below

The company owns a chain of specialty discount stores that sells products that cost up to $5, plus a small assortment of products from $6 to $25. The goods sold are from various categories including games and toys, make-up, clothes, shoes, apparel and accessories, confectionery, pet goods, etc. The chain's main target audience is tweens and teenagers.

Five Below was registered in 2022. The head office is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It currently manages 1,200 shops in 40 states.

On 25 February, the retailer announced the forthcoming presentation of its financial reports for Q4 and the whole of 2021. The report will be presented on 30 March. While anticipating the publication, a US investment consulting company, Evercore ISI, included Five Below on the list of promising companies.

The stock of Five Below Inc. (NASDAQ: FIVE) reacted quite moderately to this news, rising 5.61% to $157.66. At the time of writing this article, the shares cost $148.80.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results or future performance.

What influences the retail market in 2022?

The retail sales market is still under the strong influence of COVID-19. During these difficult times, those companies that focused on the development of their online trading managed to increase their revenue.

Nevertheless, the companies that had decided to stick to more conventional forms of trade are now also returning to their pre-crisis levels, thanks to an efficient vaccination campaign and the abolishing of quarantine measures and other related restrictions. However, supply issues remain acute for both offline and online trade.

Out of all the US retailers, we find the stocks of Carvana, National Vision Holdings, and Five Below the most interesting to invest in.

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