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Intel Shares: Long-Term Investment Analysis

Intel is allocating 108 billion USD to build manufacturing plants in Europe and the US that will satisfy the growing demand for semiconductors. Intel shares can be considered as an option for a long-term investment as long as all risks are taken into consideration.

IPO of Cariloha: “Green” Investments in The Future

Cariloha manufactures eco-friendly household goods. Cariloha is planning to go public by listing on the NASDAQ, but the IPO date hasn’t been announced yet. We have analysed the company’s target market aspects and its financial performance to determine whether its stock might be interesting to investors.

IPO of Genius Group: A Future Competitor of Udemy and Coursera

Genius Group Limited is an international holding company specialising in online education with a focus on entrepreneurship. Genius Group Limited's IPO will take place on the NYSE on 16 March 2022. Today, we are analysing its business and financial reports to determine how interesting its stock might be for investment.

Top 3 US Retailers Stocks

The list of top 3 stocks in the US retail market features Carvana, National Vision Holdings, and Five Below. The article presents key supportive factors in retail sales and the dynamics of the shares of US retailers.

Top 5 Stocks That Grew Most in February 2022

The top 5 stocks that demonstrated the most prominent growth in February are Inspirato Incorporated, Lantheus Holdings Inc., Meritor Inc., Cornerstone Building Brands Inc., and Century Aluminum Company. The article demonstrates how much these shares increased and what influenced their growth.

IPO of HomeSmart Holdings: Real Estate Neo Broker

HomeSmart Holdings developed a mobile platform for all participants of real estate transactions. The company's IPO will be held on the NASDAQ. We are analysing the issuer's business and financial reports to determine how interesting the stock might be for investment.