This week, Nu Holdings and Cisco Systems published their quarterly reports. The stocks of Bed Bath & Beyond and GigaCloud Technology have seen remarkable growth. Let's find out more.

Nu Holdings report: earnings soared 232%

Nu Holdings shares are growing after quarterly report

On Monday 15 August, Brazilian digital bank Nu Holdings Ltd. published its financial statistics for Q2 2022. Compared to the results of Q2 2021, earnings rocketed 232% to $1.2 billion. Experts had expected $907.8 million.

Gross profit increased 109% to $363.5 million, and average earnings per client rose 105% to $7.8. The overall number of clients of Nu Holdings Ltd. in Brazil, Mexico, and Columbia increased by 57%, reaching 65.3 million.

On the day when the quarterly report was published, the shares of Nu Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: NU) jumped 10.12%, reaching $4.68. The next trading session closed with a leap upwards of 17.95% to $5.52.

Bed Bath & Beyond stock surged 43% over the week

Bed Bath & Beyond stock recorded a 43% growth over a week

Over this week, the shares of American retailer chain Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (NASDAQ:BBBY) surged 43%, reaching $18.55. And over the first 18 days of August, overall growth amounted to 268.8%.

Analysts attributed the main reason for such a bold quotation movement to Reddit users finding new interest in the company's stock.

According to Bloomberg, on Tuesday 16 August, the trading activity in Bed Bath & Beyond stock reached its all-time peak. The trading volume amounted to 385 million shares, which is more than 20 times more than average.

As you remember, at the end of June, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. published a weak quarterly report whereby the company reported a loss of $358 million, a decline in offline sales by 24%, and a decline in online sales by 21%.

Cisco report: yearly profit increased 12%

Cisco Systems stock surged after its reporting

On Wednesday 17 August, American company Cisco Systems Inc., which designs and sells network equipment, presented its report for Q4, financial 2022.

Earnings of Cisco Systems Inc. in May-July, compared to the statistics of the same months last year, remained at the same level – $13.1 billion. Net profit dropped by 6% to $2.8 billion and EPS fell 4% to $0.68.

Over the whole of 2022, earnings increased 3% to $51.6 billion, net profit rose 12% to $11.8 billion, and EPS increased 13% to $2.82. Cisco Systems Inc. expects earnings in the next financial year to reach $52.7 billion, and EPS to be between $3.49-3.56.

The report for Q4 and the year sent the shares of Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) up 5.81% to $49.37.

GigaCloud stock leaped up 28% after the IPO

GigaCloud Technology stock recorded a 28% growth following an IPO

On Thursday 18 August, the stock of Chinese tech company GigaCloud Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:GCT) celebrated a 28% percent increase in the share price following the IPO on the American exchange, reaching $15.69.

The supplier of global complex solutions for B2B electronic commerce placed 2.94 million A class ordinary shares for $12.25 each. During the IPO, GigaCloud Technology Inc. attracted $3 million.

Regardless of high pressure from Chinese regulators and the tough relationship between Washington and Beijing, the Hong Kong company was decisive enough for listing on an American exchange.

Summing up

Nu Holdings Ltd. presented its report for Q2 2022: earnings increased by 232%. The shares of the company leaped up almost 30% over 2 days.

Over a week, private investors from a Reddit community sent the stock of Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. soaring 43%.

Cisco Systems Inc. shared a report for Q4 and the whole of financial 2022. This sent the stock quotes up 6%.

The shares of GigaCloud Technology Inc. recorded 28% growth following an IPO on NASDAQ.

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