This week, reports were published by such companies as Apple, Meta Platforms, Spotify, and Teladoc. Moreover, Trust Stamp cheered up its investors and clients when it announced the release of a new product. Let's find out how the shares reacted.

Spotify report: profit jumped 470%

On Wednesday 27 April, before the start of the trading session, Spotify shared its report for Q1 2022. Spotify owns a popular streaming service with the same name. Many market players wondered how leaving the Russian market would be reflected in the quarterly number of Spotify users.

From January to March, the number of premium subscriptions on Spotify increased by 15% (against the same statistics of last year) to 182 million people. This is also taking into account the loss of about 1.5 million subscribers from Russia. The number of active users rose 19% to 422 million people.

Earnings saw a 23.7% growth to €2.66 billion; net profit increased by 469.6% to €131 million, and EPS skyrocketed 466.7% to €0.68. The company forecasts that in Q2 the number of active users will increase to 428 million, while the number of paid users is expected to rise to 187 million users, which will make earnings reach €2.8 billion.

On 27 April, after the report was published, the shares of Spotify Technology SA (NYSE: SPOT) reacted by a 12.44% decline to $96.67. However, the next trading session resulted in a 6.22% growth to $102.68.

Teladoc Health report: loss increased by 3,250%

On Wednesday, the results of Q1 were presented by the global leader of online healthcare, Teladoc Health. Compared to the results of the same part of 2021, earnings grew 25% to $565.4 million.

Net loss increased by 3,250% to $6.7 billion, and loss per share went up 3.074% to $41.58. Almost the whole sum of the quarterly loss was comprised of a non-cash loss of $6.6 billion or $41.11 per share, which is attributed to the loss of business reputation.

These January–March statistics sent the quotes of the company plummeting. On 28 April, the share price of Teladoc Health Inc. (NYSE: TDOC) plunged 40.15% to $33.51. This is the lowest in more than four years.

Meta Platforms report: number of users growing again

On 27 April, a report for January–March 2022 was presented by Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. As you know, after the previous publication of the quarterly statistics, the shares of the company lost over 26%.

As expected, all the attention of market players was focused on the number of users. Meta Platforms reported that the number of Facebook users grew more than expected — by 1.96 billion people against the forecast 1.94 billion.

Overall earnings of the company went up 6.6% to $27, 91 billion, which was still lower than the $28.2 billion forecast. For the first time in the past decade, the growth of the quarterly earnings was expressed by a one-digit number. Net profit dropped 21.4% to $7.47 billion, while EPS went down 17.6% to $2.72.

The share price of Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) closed the trading session on 28 April with a 17.59% growth to $205.73. This is the largest daily increase of the quotes of the tech giant this year.

Trust Stamp announced the release of an innovative product

On Thursday 28 April, tech company Trust Stamp that specialises in cyber safety systems announced a new product release. The new product is the multi-factor biometric authentification system, Biometric MFA.

Trust Stamp claims that its biometric authentification and tokenising technology had proved extremely efficient in corporate contexts. The said products increased the customer retention rate and decreased losses that were attributed to fraud and hacking.

The quotes of Trust Stamp Inc. (NASDAQ: IDAI) started going upwards as early as 27 April, rising 8.25% to $2.1. The most interesting thing, however, happened on the next day: over the trading session, the share price recorded a 123.81% rise to $4.7.

Apple report: main rates going up

On 28 April, Apple reported its results for Q2, financial 2022. From January to March, earnings reached $97.28 billion, which is an 8.6% increase compared to the results of the same part of the last year.

Net profit rose 5.8% to $25.01 billion, and EPS increased by 8.6% to $1.52. The most prominent growth of earnings was recorded in North and South America, which jumped 19.2% to $40.88 billion. The results in European countries, China, and Japan turned out to be more modest.

Traditionally, smartphones were the leading products, recording a 5.5% rise in sales compared to last year, with sales volume reaching $50.57 billion. Sales of PCs increased by 14.6% to $10.43 billion, while earbuds and other accessories rose 12.4% to $8.81 billion.

On the same day, the shares of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) surged 4.52% to $163.64. Note that since the beginning of the year, these shares have lost 7.8%.

Summing up

Financial reports for January–March were presented by Spotify, Teladoc Health, Meta Platforms, and Apple. Regardless of its profits skyrocketing 470%, Spotify shares lost 12%.

Teladoc Health reported a gigantic increase in the net loss, which drove the quotes plummeting 40%.

Meta Platforms reported that the number of its users was again growing well, which made its shares jump almost 18%.

The announcement of Apple's strong report sent its shares up 5%.

Trust Stamp announced the launch of an innovative multi-factor biometric authentification system, which made its quotes skyrocket 124%.

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