Max A.


A trader since 2009, Max specialises in stock and currency markets. He is also a regular speaker in educational events about financial markets and investing.

The author’s articles

Top Dividend Stocks in 2022

The article discusses the top companies that paid dividends in real money and as dividend yield in 2022. Also, it lists some factors that investors should keep in mind before they start getting dividends.

Reverse Stock Split: All You Need to Know

This article is dedicated to such a phenomenon of the stock market as a reverse stock split: why public companies use this process, and how it happens exactly. Also, there will be examples of stock consolidation, i.e., reverse stock split.

How to Use Moving Average for Buying Stocks?

The Moving Average has long been a popular instrument. New indicators keep being developed based on it. Using the MA with other trend instruments can increase your chances for success in trading stocks and indices in the stock market.