Eugene S.


A trader since 2004, Eugene started actively investing on the US stock market in 2012. He now regularly publishes a variety of analytical articles about stocks on the RoboMarkets website and blog.

The author’s articles

Peloton: A Risky Investment

Peloton announced it is restructuring its business: it has a new CEO and a restructuring programme that will reduce costs. What is the company's goal? Is Peloton aiming for a new business level, or is it preparing for a more attractive takeover?

Most Prominent Events of 2021 in Stock Market

The year 2021 turned out to be packed with stock market events. This year, unbelievable things used to happen to the shares of certain companies. The shares of issuers on the verge of bankruptcy sky-rocketed by thousands of percent and, most surprisingly, never returned to their initial levels. Let us be consistent, however.

IPO of Samsara Inc.: Industrial Internet of Things

On 15 December 2021, Samsara Inc., a technology company that offers services for creating the Internet of Things in the industrial and transport industries, is going public. We’ll take a closer look at the company’s business and try to find out whether its shares may be interesting for investors.

How to Invest in IPO: the Beginner's Guide

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering of the stocks of the issuing company on the stock market. In other words, through the IPO companies enter the capital market, where anybody can become their investor upon buying their stocks.