Eugene S.


A trader since 2004, Eugene started actively investing on the US stock market in 2012. He now regularly publishes a variety of analytical articles about stocks on the RoboMarkets website and blog.

The author’s articles

Copper: Idea for Long-Term Investment

The stars of today’s article are copper mining/selling companies. The move to green energy might lead to the long-term growing demand for copper, hence a significant rise in its price. Let’s take a closer look at the industry leaders and discuss the risks of investing in this segment.

Intel Shares: Long-Term Investment Analysis

Intel is allocating 108 billion USD to build manufacturing plants in Europe and the US that will satisfy the growing demand for semiconductors. Intel shares can be considered as an option for a long-term investment as long as all risks are taken into consideration.

Long-Term Investments: How to Choose Stocks?

Any trader who has decided to quit intraday trading is facing the question: what criteria to use for selecting stocks for long-term investment, and what is worth paying attention to first and foremost? In this case, the trader should start with the simplest method: searching the internet to find the ratios, which are available to any investor who is not particularly eager to go into details.

Peloton: A Risky Investment

Peloton announced it is restructuring its business: it has a new CEO and a restructuring programme that will reduce costs. What is the company's goal? Is Peloton aiming for a new business level, or is it preparing for a more attractive takeover?