Members Area

RoboMarkets Members area is:

Balance operations

RoboMarkets clients deposit funds to their accounts without any commissions, because the Company covers all commission-related expenses. In addition to that, traders have an opportunity to transfer funds between any of their accounts at the Company without commissions as well. Besides, clients aren’t charged with commissions for withdrawing funds from their RoboMarkets accounts and Wallets twice a month.


Personal information

The information you provided during the registration procedure can be viewed and edited in "Personal information" section. To provide high security of your information and funds, we offer you additional protection by means of SMS and backup codes.


Accounts management

Complete control over all transactions and operations made on trading accounts in your Members Area: opening and closing accounts, changing your password and leverage value, viewing transaction history, and others.


Marketing materials for partners

RoboMarkets Affiliate Members Area offers all possible tools necessary for operating as the Company partner, including promo materials, detailed analytics, and the information on the affiliate commission.


Educational materials

If you want to improve your knowledge of the Forex market, you have an opportunity to participate in free webinars held by the Company or view video tutorials, which are available in "Analytics center" of your Members Area.


Everything for trading

In "Download center" section, you can choose one of professional trading platforms and download it to your PC or smartphone.

In addition to that, RoboMarkets provides its clients with “VPS server” service, which may help them to get 24/7 access to a remote RoboMarkets trading server. In order to do this, they have to submit a request in "Your VPS 2.0 server" section of their Members Area.

Free-of-charge analytical resources

In RoboMarkets Members Area, clients can find professional analytical services from the industry experts.

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Top-9 Frequently asked questions:


How do I change my Members Area password?

In your Members Area, choose “Profile” section and go to "Change the Members Area Password" page. To change the password, you will have to enter your current password.


What do I do if I specified inaccurate data during the registration procedure?

To change your personal information in Members Area, you have to contact our "Live Support".


How do I write a ticket?

To ask our Live Support a question, fill in a special form in  "Live Support" section of your Members Area.


How do I verify my bank card?

To verify your card, choose “Funds Management” section, go to  "Bank Cards" section of your Members Area and upload scanned images or photos of each side of your card.


How do I learn about affiliate commission?

To learn about affiliate commission rates, check "Affiliate Commission Rate" section. The information about the commission you received can be found in  "Commission details" section.


How do I change the leverage?

In your Members Area, choose “Live Account” section and go to "Change leverage" page. The leverage can be changed only if there are no open positions on the account


How do I restore my Members Area password?

If you forgot your Members Area password, but you can access your E-mail used during the registration procedure, click  "Forget Password". In case your E-mail is not available, contact our Live Support. Live Support.


How do I change my account password?

In your Members Area, choose “Live Account” section and go to "Change password"page. To change your password, you will have to enter a new set of symbols and confirm it.


How do I change my phone number?

If your phone number is verified and you have access to it, you can change it in "SMS verification" section. If the phone number is not available at the moment, you can change it only by contacting our Live Support.