"Road to The Dakar 2017" offer coupons are already in your Members Area

30.08.2016 / 15:39

Dear Clients and Partners!

We’re pleased to inform you that from now on you have an opportunity to view all up-to-date information about "Road to The Dakar 2017" offer in your Members Area. On the page with the same title, you will find the information about the coupons you’ve received and the current winning combination, and monitor the course of the offer events in the online mode.

"Road to The Dakar 2017" page of your Members Area will display all coupons you’ve received since the start of the offer. When you receive new coupons and the information on the page is updated, you will be sent the letter, notifying how much coupons you receive and their numbers.

More detailed information about "Starikovich-Heskes Team" at The Dakar 2017 can be found in "Sponsorship" section of our website.