RoboMarkets updates mobile version of R Trader terminal

19.12.2019 / 00:00


Dear Clients and Partners,

RoboMarkets has introduced a new version of its multi-asset terminal, R Trader, for mobile devices. The updated version of the platform is already available – you can use it by running R Trader terminal on your smartphone or tablet PC.

What’s new with R Trader mobile version?

  • We’ve optimized the platform operation making it more convenient for trading through its mobile version.
  • Due to our cutting-edge technologies, R Trader operates on mobile devices as fast as possible.
  • We’ve improved the updating system of the terminal, which doesn’t interfere with the client’s work in the platform: from now on, they will barely notice the update procedure.

We’re systematically working to improve the terminal and will continue upgrading it in the nearest future to make R Trader more comfortable and convenient for our clients.

RoboMarkets team